How It Works

How will your therapy take place?

I offer therapy sessions at varying times and days to fit in with your lifestyle (some evening and early morning time are available). Sessions typically take place weekly but some clients have ‘maintenance’ sessions at wider intervals.

Together we agree on a plan for your treatment but this is flexible and responsive to your needs changing.

If you are local to the Menston,
Ilkley (LS29) area there are 3 options:

Image 1

'In person' therapy in my treatment room in Menston, LS29

Image 2

Outdoor in nature 'walk & talk' sessions in in the LS29 area

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Online, video therapy from your safe space. See below for more info

If you are from anywhere in the world:

Online Video Therapy

In this connected world, I work with clients across the globe. It’s accessible, flexible, secure and reliable. And it doesn’t mean compromising on human connection. Therapy sessions need to be conducted with video on from a laptop, tablet or phone. There’s no need to download an app. I simply provide you with a link follow, which you click at the start of the session time. You will need to be in a private, safe space with an internet connection (wireless, 4G or 5G).

How would we decide to work together?

I offer a half price initial session where we can connect, discuss your needs and decide whether I’m the right therapist for you at this time.

What are the fees?

Psychotherapy is £65 per 50 minute session and is charged on a pay as you go basis. The first session is £33. Most clients have 6 sessions or more and some clients choose to have long term therapy. You are not tied into anything and can choose to leave or pause therapy at any time. I ask that you consider committing to 3 sessions initially, though you are not tied into anything. Your session will usually be on the same day and at the same time each week but I will be flexible if I can.

Extended sessions (longer than 50 minutes) can be arranged on request.

Contact me on phone 07961770452 or email with your enquiry.


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