About Kate

Kate is a Psychotherapist in advanced clinical training, specialising in Transactional Analysis. She is also an experienced ADHD / AuDHD Coach and the founder of A Tidy Mind – a professional organising and life simplification service. You can read more about those services below:

I am a dedicated Psychotherapist who works with clients online (via zoom) or face to face in Menston, West Yorkshire. I offer 50 minute sessions at flexible times during the day and evenings. For therapy to be effective, I invite clients to consider committing to weekly sessions for a minimum of 3 months and some of my clients are in long term therapy. I live to connect to other people and see it as a privilege to be allowed into your world.

My background includes a working in 20 years in mental health services, a 10-year career as a Probation Officer and I have been an ADHD /AuDHD coach for 9 years, specialising in working with clients experiencing overwhelm, burnout and neurodivergent traits/a diagnosis. I’m the founder of A Tidy Mind, a professional decluttering and organising and productivity coaching service. I continue to mentor and train my wonderful close-knit team who work across the UK with clients, in their homes and workspaces

Kate Ibbotson Neurodivergent Counsellor
Kate Ibbotson - Neurodivergent Focused Therapeutic Coach

 I would welcome the opportunity to work with you no matter what your background, gender, age, culture or ethnicity. I may not share your unique lived experiences but strive to accept and understand you – as one human to connecting to another human. I have a particular interest in working with neurodivergent clients, partly due to my experience as an ADHD coach, but also because of my own personal, challenging but ultimately empowering journey with neurodivergence.

Kate Ibbotson Transactional Analysis

I can say from personal experience that Transactional Analysis psychotherapy can be life transforming and can be adapted to suit your needs. It’s a humanistic therapy, which means it focuses on your self-discovery and ability to be the master of your own destiny. And it’s person centred, meaning you as the client can steer the direction of therapy. At the same time, it encompasses elements of psychodynamic therapy so I can help you interpret your internal world and patterns of behaviour. I also believe in equipping my clients with practical tools. Sometimes you need something concrete that you can take away and use in everyday life. If appropriate I will teach you creative strategies and techniques involving psychoeducation, exercises, imagery, illustrations, writing, routines, rituals and objects.

I am a trainee member of several professional bodies including UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and UKATA (UK Association of Transactional Analysts) and abide by their ethical codes. I invest in my own personal therapy and professional supervision in order to keep enhancing my development.

I encourage you to book a an initial half price (£33) discovery session now so we can decide whether we’re the best fit to work together.