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Kate Ibbotson Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

"There's a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in"

- Leonard Cohen

You are enough

You're not broken

You don't need to be fixed

So - what do you need?

Empathic & Creative Neurodivergent Therapist UK
Online or Face to Face Therapy for Adults

£65 per session (first session £33)

**I am currently at full capacity & next have space to work with new clients in September 2024. You can book an appt for September by clicking on the link below. I may have a free slot come up earlier – if you are flexible with your availability and would like to be added to my waiting list, please email me**

Kate Ibbotson Neurodivergent Counsellor

A Therapy Mind - Psychotherapy & Coaching

Specialising in ADHD / AuDHD neurotypes

Neurodivergent Therapist UK / Neurodivergent Affirming

  • Would you like to understand, accept & protect yourself better? As well as interrupt patterns that harm you?

  • Is it important that your therapist is committed to connecting with you – human to human. Plus, views you as an equal & an individual?

  • Is it time to deprioritise external expectations & stereotypical norms? Prioritise self compassion? Gain awareness of what regulates & dysregulates you?

  • Do you need to define & enhance your boundaries? Build resilience to improve your emotional & mental capacity?

  • Would you like medium term or long-term, in-depth therapy and a strong therapeutic relationship?

My core training is in Transactional analysis (TA), and I use both a therapeutic and coaching techniques. Together we engage in therapy that is relational, psychoanalytical but also practical and empowering. I believe that neurodivergent counsellors and therapists are well placed to understand the needs of neurodivergent client and am happy to share that part of my identity is I am an ‘Autistic Adhd-er’.

As well as Transactional Analysis and coaching, I use a range of tools and interventions from other therapeutic modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Habit Reversal Training (HRT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP).

I can help you explore your identity, coping mechanisms, core beliefs, personality, experiences and the many facets of your psyche. 

I can help you find safety if you have experienced trauma, or are feeling lost or confused. 

I can also help if you have had a specific challenge event or setback but also want to work on the wider picture.

You’re not broken so you don’t need to be ‘fixed’ or even change at all.

Instead, I want help you find your way back to yourself. Our client / therapist relationship is of vital importance and if we agree to work together, I will be fully committed and invested in you and your journey.

I listen to your story with empathy and kindness but also compassionately challenge any damaging core beliefs. Sometimes, I may sit alongside you in the dark and at other times help you process the past or illuminate your way forward. Always aiming to help you gain acceptance of yourself and awareness of what you need.


Neurodivergent Life Coach Kate Ibbotson

I am a 42 year old female, AuDHD-er. My clients constantly inspire me to be the most authentic version of myself. Like many neurodivergent individuals, I spent decades masking / hiding / not accepting myself so I understand the complex trauma this can cause. I find the ways that varying neurotypes think fascinating, inspiring and exciting and I believe neurodivergent counsellors and therapists are particularly able to understand and empathise with ND clients. Self identifying as neurodivergent is more than enough, but it’s useful to know whether you are, no matter how late in life, because when you do, versions of self concept can be examined in light of this new information.


I don’t consider therapy to be a ‘treatment’ for neurodivergence because it is not a psychological disorder. Instead it is a different in how our brains are wired. However, therapy can help discover tools to deal with the differences and challenges. I use a range of psychotherapeutic techniques to help you on the journey to understanding yourself better. Whilst also aiming to equip you with tools that are effective, so you can decide to use them outside of your therapy sessions. They can help you keep safe and grounded, strengthen your connection with yourself and improve your communication and relationships. 


As you become more aware of yourself, you may gain a clearer idea of your identity and become more self-compassionate. Gradually, you can start to feel different, with more autonomy and a more stable and accessible feeling of being grounded. You can then feel more confident when dealing with life challenges and have a greater sense of regulation and autonomy over your destiny.


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After my parents both suffered from some tragic events recently, I was in a state of flux and cloaked in depression and dysregulation. I'm so thankful neurodivergent counsellors and therapists such as Kate exist.
- Gerladina Smith